Eggy Bread Cubes


A nutritious and sugar-free brunch made in the blink of an eye; golden, crispy and totally satisfying. Have a change from French toast and let go of the syrup and a smoky kitchen.

This recipe is an easy twist of a my favorite breakfast using cubes of plain steamed buns. Dense bread works well; wholemeal bread with lots of grains and seeds are great, as they add extra flavor, texture and nutrition. Softer bread needs to be lightly toasted beforehand to get rid of the extra moist before cooking. I haven’t tried with gluten-free bread but I imagine it would work well for this recipe. Let us know how you are finding out.

This is also a great snack for kids to make themselves. Just remind them that most of the actions happen within the first 30 seconds of cooking, so make sure everything is absolutely ready before heating the oil.

Preparation: under 5 minutes        Cooking: 3 minutes

  • 5 pieces bread cut into bite size
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 spring onion, chopped
  • 2 tbsp of oil
Heat the oil on high heat, saute spring onion, 5 seconds; add bread cubes and toss from the bottom of the wok quickly to coat with oil, 5 seconds; quickly pour egg over as many bread cubes as possible, toss the mix to allow the egg evenly coat the bread cubes, about 15 seconds or until the egg is no longer runny. Turn the heat to medium heat, stir the mix slowing from the bottom, about 60 seconds, or until there is no longer large amount of moist keeping coming out, and the egg coating starts to turn golden.

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