Homemade Soy Milk

homemade soy milk in a glass
Nothing tastes like fresh homemade soy milk. If you have soy flour, it becomes really easy thanks to our local organic shop where I can get hold of the stock all year round.

The process is similar to making a powered drink as you could guess, except the mix needs to be thoroughly boiled. Soybeans or soy flour should never be consumed raw. The raw soybean smell, or the “beany” smell as called by some, will disappear when the soy milk is thoroughly cooked, leaving only a fresh and pleasant flavour.

When I drink soy milk, I don’t usually add anything to it. The beautiful natural taste is a perfect balance to any savoury snack or a substantial and flavoursome breakfast.

You can filter the boiled soy milk through a piece of muslin cloth to get rid of the pulp. I tend to skip this step and wait for a few minutes for the soy milk to cool, and until the pulp to settle at the bottom of the pot. There isn’t a lot of it.

Whenever my family made a huge pot of soy milk and there was a lot of pulp, my mum would filter it and use the pulp to bake soy cookies. I don’t think she followed any recipe, and her practice looked to me no more than just haphazardly throwing some basic cookie ingredients together. The result was quite unpredictable in shape, colour or texture each time although miraculously, the taste was always good — we loved nice surprises!

soy flour in a bowl

Preparation: 10minutes

  • 80g soy flour
  • 1 litre of water
Gradually add a little water to the soy flour to make a smooth paste in a pot, then add the rest of water.

Bring to boil on medium to high heat. Watch closely and when it is reaching the boiling point, take off the lid and don’t let the pot boil over.

Reduce the heat and let the soy milk boil gently for another 5 minutes, or until the foam on top has mostly disappeared. Leave until cool enough to drink.

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